Vein Dataset

PUT Vein Database Description

The vein pattern recognition is one of the most promising and intensively developing field of studies in biometrics research. One of main obstacles in creating new methods of segmentation and classification of vein patterns was a lack of benchmarking dataset that would allow to obtain comparable results. Put Vein Database was created to overcame this problem and crate common platform for algorithms comparison.


PUT Vein pattern database is free available for research purposes can be applied as common platform for evaluation and comparison of new segmentation and classification algorithms. Enabling comparison of algorithms without different hardware systems used by researchers will help to chose the best algorithm, thus helping in biometrics systems design.


PUT Vein pattern database consists of 2400 images presenting human vein patterns. Half of images contains a palmar vein pattern (1200 images) and another half contains a wrist vein pattern (another 1200 images). Data was acquired from both hands of 50 students, with means it has a 100 different patterns for palm and wrist region. Pictures ware taken in 3 series, 4 pictures each, with at least one week interval between each series. In case of palm region volunteers ware asked to put his/her hand on the device to cover acquisition window, in way that line below their fingers coincident with its edge. No additional positioning systems ware used. In case of wrist region only construction allowing to place palm and wrist in comfortable way was used to help position a hand.


Images in database have 1280x960 resolution and are saved as 24-bit bitmap. Database consist of 2 main sections: hand and wrist, with are further divided in persons folders named o_###, where ### is person 3 digit number. Each person folder has sub-folders for left and right hand, which contains separate folder for each series. Picture names contain all mentioned information, for example: 'P_o034_R_S2_Nr3.bmp' is the third image of the second series, of right palm of thirty-fourth person and has a path: “...\Database\Palm\o_034\Right\Series_2\”.



D o003 L S3 Nr2D o003 P S2 Nr2N o003 L S1 Nr2N o003 P S2 Nr2


































The database is publicly available for research use. In order to obtain it please register on this site and read the license agreement.